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5,000 kg CO2
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TamaraStein: The Opera Diva's Green Challenge

from 16 Dec 2011 - 15 Dec 2012 in London

The Opera Diva's Fundraising Challenge started in late October in 2010. The main challenge is to raise £3000.- for vulnerable children in Africa. We are two thirds there and I am still hoping to make the last grand, so for everyone who found a pound in the laundry basket please, please donate on
However, in these financially challenging times, not everyone can donate money. For these people is this challenge. If you would like to support the Opera Diva's Challenge, but are a bit strapped for cash, support the Opera Diva's Green Challenge! Please do something to help this planet to cut CO2 emission. Even the greenest person can do a little bit extra. I found something, so can you!
Thank you for supporting the Opera's Diva's Fundraising Challenge

Yes, I'm asking you to sponsor me... But no, I'm not asking you to give me your change: I'm asking you to create change.

All you need to do is follow the instructions on the right, browse the DoActions and find one (or more) that suits you, then make your pledge(s).

Some will be really easy, others take a bit more effort. But they've all got an environmental focus and the currency is CO2 - The DoNation calculates these savings and donates them to me, publishing your pledges here on my page.

You only pledge to do your chosen action for two months and all the information you need is provided here on The DoNation, making it really easy to complete. At the end of the two months you'll be asked how you got on, and at that point your donation is confirmed.

So please, get doing!

Thank you!

The Opera Diva's Green Challenge

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Total saved: 14 kg CO2

22 Dec 2011
Potential savings of 5KG of CO2

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17 Dec 2011
Potential savings of 9KG of CO2
I don't have a garden but I do put all bidegradable stuff in a biodegradable bag and put it in the bin for this purpose, that I share with my neighbours.