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kerry: running the Olympic Park Race

on 31 Mar 2012 in Olympic Village


I am lucky enough to have won a place in the first race in the Olympic Park, five thousand of us running five miles to be the first people over the Olympic finish line.

I don't like short distance races that much so please sponsor me and I'll try to run a PB.

Yes, I'm asking you to sponsor me... But no, I'm not asking you to give me your change: I'm asking you to create change.

The DoNation is all about creating a more sustainable world, about protecting the environment on which our livelihoods depend. And the environment needs our action more than it needs our cash.

Browse the DoActions and find one (or more) that suits you, then make your pledge(s). Some are really easy; others take a bit more effort.

You only pledge to do your chosen action for two months and all the information you need is provided here on The DoNation, making it really easy to complete. You'll receive a few helpful reminders and then at the end of the two months you'll be asked to confirm how you got on.

So please, get doing!

Thank you!!


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List of pledges
Total saved: 271 kg CO2

27 Mar 2012
Confirmed savings of 40KG of CO2
Thanks for giving me a kick up the arse Kerry!!
26 Mar 2012
Potential savings of 7KG of CO2
I love my tumble dryer!
CassieR pledged Do diet
24 Mar 2012
Potential savings of 26KG of CO2
19 Mar 2012
Potential savings of 5KG of CO2
Proud of you, Kerry!
19 Mar 2012
Confirmed savings of 25KG of CO2
Just left the gas oven on for 2 days because I don't understand my new house......this will keep me safe as well as doing good!
17 Mar 2012
Potential savings of 49KG of CO2
Very lazy on switching stuff off completely so I'm now on it.. Perhaps that should read off it... Good luck on the 'short' race!

From: 11 pledges

08 Mar 2012
Confirmed savings of 32KG of CO2
Great idea Kerry - I love the fact that 5 miles is a short distance to you!
05 Mar 2012
Potential savings of 38KG of CO2
This will be a challenge - but a very good one!
05 Mar 2012
Potential savings of 8KG of CO2
I love this site - go girl go!
04 Mar 2012
Potential savings of 5KG of CO2
Like this idea - 2 months up the stairs at work starts tomorrow!
03 Mar 2012
Confirmed savings of 12KG of CO2
This is just the inspiration I needed to start composting! Go Kerry I know you are going to do great!