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Doer of the Month

Ben & Jerry's

A year's supply of ice cream!

We really like to celebrate our most enthusiastic and inspirational Doers. So each month, we reward our the person or team who collects the most pledges with a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

Below we showcase all our past Doers of the Month - could you be the next to scoop the title?

See here for the nitty gritty details of how to win


Kim Dowsett Edinburgh Marathon May 2015: Kim Dowsett, Edinburgh Marathon

What better way to celebrate turning 30 than by running 42.2 km? Well that’s what Kim thought before taking on her first ever Marathon up in Edinburgh. She finished with a fab time of 4 hours and 8 minutes. Congrats Kim, consider the Ben & Jerry’s a birthday gift from us! 

Kim saved 1,137 kg COfrom 23 pledges







holly templer April 2015: Holly Templer, A year of Eco challenges

Holly had a fab first month of her year long challenge. Kicking of the Year of Eco Challenges with the effort of creating ZERO PLASTIC WASTE! You can follow Holly's progress on her blog. We're all wishing you the best of luck for the rest of the year! 

Holly saved 3,815 kg COfrom 15 pledges







 October 2014: Lindsey & Paul, We're Getting Married!

This month in a flurry of pledges and confetti we see our first ever couple winning the Doer of the Month for their wedding. The lovely Lindsey and Paul tied the knot on the 4th October and invited friends and family to trade the traditional gift list for a pledge on The DoNation - congratulations to you both!

Lindsey and Paul saved 1,799 kg COfrom 42 pledges







August 2014: Zoe Morrison, A Year of Eco Challenges

Last year, Zoe set herself a big challenge: to complete a different 'Eco' challenge every month for the whole year. Following the principles of reduce, resuse, recycle, Zoe switched her lifestyle from 'green' to eco-queen. Encouraging friends and family to join her on the journey, she blogs about it all here - it's inspirational stuff!

Zoe saved 5,723 kg COfrom 41 pledges




 June 2014: Ed Perrin, Run Hackney Half Marathon

This month’s top Doer is Ed Perrin who accidentally found himself running the Run Hackney half marathon after his wife sneakily signed him up! He still did a splendid job training and raising pledges though – even managing to persuade four separate friends to switch their energy supplier to a greener one. Good on yer Ed!

Ed saved 3,481 kg CO2 from 48 pledges




 May 2014: Clarissa Widya, Edinburgh Marathon

After years of running halves, Clarissa decided to go all out by running the Edinburgh marathon. Working through a dodgy knee, and lack of music Clarissa was able to beat her set time of 5 hours comfortably, as well as getting over double the amount of target pledges! At the last minute she bagged an extra 20 pledges, securing herself a years supply of ice cream.

Clarissa saved 2,311kg CO2 from 65 pledges






 April 2014: Llorenc Mila i Canals, Paris Marathon

This was Llorenc's first ever marathon and he found it tough - but ultimately came out on top with a year's supply of ice cream. Having promised his sponsors he'd make 10 pledges himself if he reached his target, the tables have turned and Llorenc is now Walking on, Stepping Up and Driving smartly amongst other things! Way to lead the change Llorenc! 

Llorenc saved 4,672kg COfrom 79 pledges






 March 2014: Eliott Nally, Brutal10

The competition was most definitely on this month with Freya, David and Eliott battling it out for the title of Doer of the month. Eliott finally came out on top after sharing photos of his spectacularly muddy run with friends and family. Looks like his entire office also got involved with hopes of digging into some of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Enjoy!

Eliott saved 2,344kg COfrom 92 pledges


 January 2014: Sinead Brophy, Halfway to One Hundred

Sinead is hitting the big 50 this year so she decided to make it a year of doing challenges: mud runs, triathlons and bike rides galore. She started it off in full swing with 10k on a very wet and windy New Years Day, completing it in a fantastic 55 minutes and 16 seconds. You can follow her ‘Halfway to One Hundredchallenge blog here. We have a feeling this wont be the last we hear of Sinead!

Sinead saved 1,344kg CO2 from 35 pledges



November 2013: Dave and Katherine, 5000 Mile Project

You may have already heard of this month's incredible Doers Dave and Katherine who ran the entire length of South America to spread the word about wildlife conservation and to encourage environmental action. I know we say it a lot, but these two are truly inspiring, going beyond the norm to encourage change. You can check out their whole challenge here.

Dave and Katharine saved 3,478kg CO2 from 38 pledges



 October 2013: Hanna Murphy, Oxford Half Marathon

Hanna took the plunge this month after her friend signed her up for the half marathon. She spread The DoNation word far and wide - (including a hilarious converation with her Gran) and notched up an impressive 42 pledges. Some of which had seriously high carbon savings! Good work Hanna! 

Hanna saved 3,786kg CO2 from 42 pledges






September 2013: David Jacoby, Hever Castle Triathlon

The fantastic David Jacoby topped our Hever Castle league table this month with an amazing 90 pledges. Alongside 20 other Doers, David took on the challenge of the  Hever Castle triathlon - swimming 800 metres, cycling 40k and running 8k. What's more, he got 90 other people Doing! Phew, we are seriously impressed! 

David saved 2,435kg CO2 from 90 pledges.


August 2013: Phillipa Hardy, Leeds and York 10k's

Pip is an all round star for us at the DoNation office. Starting off with a wee pledge for her friend, Shem she beame a true Doer by signing up to not one, but two 10k races. Outdoing herself completely, Pip smashed her target and is officially the 4th highest raiser in the history of The DoNation! That is some achievement; awesome work Pip!

Pip saved 4,674kg CO2 from 121 pledges







July 2013: Alan Hayes, Ultra Tour of the Peak District

Some serious kudos is deserved to Alan Hayes this month, who on one of the hottest days of the year, ran 42 miles through the Peak District - blimey! Hopefully the very much deserved ice cream prize will cool him down! We caught up with him a few days later to see how he got on. Fantastic work Alan!

Alan saved 4,008kg C02 from 104 pledges





June 2013: Alex Fowler, Great North Swim

This month, Alex Fowler wins the Doer of the Month award for his daring dash around Lake Windemere in the Great North swim. Alex persisted in his sponsorship aims, emailing colleagues again and again and notching up double his expected savings! Read about how he got on here.

Alex saved 2,002kg CO2 from 33 pledges






May 2013: Shem, Leeds Half Marathon

Shem has thoroughly impressed us all here at The Do HQ this month. He has been a non- stop inspiration, spreading his enthusiasm far and wide! He tells us here how he got on with his training and we wish him congratulations!

Shem saved 3,478kg COfrom 52 pledges





April 2013: Hannah and Emma, Brighton and London Marathon

Running a marathon is too much for most of us, but Hannah and Emma ran one each! And in the process they received 42 pledges, helping to save 3,962 kg of CO2 and making them April’s Doers of the Month. Fantastic efforts and fantastic timings – well done! 

Hannah and Emma saved 3,962kg COfrom 43 pledges


March 2013: Team Environment Wales: Four Seasons challenge 

For one whole year the fabulous Team Environment have hiked, ran, swum and cycled around Wales. They thoroughly deserve this month’s award-well done!

Team Environment saved 6,072kg of COfrom 112 pledges


Feburary 2013: Swansea University: Go Green Week

They have BIG ambitions to be the greenest of universities and in February they were! Congratulations to the sensational Swansea University for taking the title of Doer of the Month. 

Swansea University saved 4,241 kg COfrom 65 pledges



January 2013: John Condon, Giving up his car

January’s Doer of the Month was John Condon. Despite his love for his little Mini, John took on the challenge of giving it up and using car pools, swaps and sharing instead. Go John! Through 11 pledges, he has managed to save 598kgs CO2, not to mention that saved from giving up his car in the first place. Truly inspiring, we say! 

John saved 685kg CO from 16 pledges




December 2012: Will Yeates, New Years' Resoloution 

Will Yeates has impressively spread the word and encouraged others to Do. With his New Years Resolution challenge, Will has got people to pledge to live their lives more sustainably. Good luck everyone! 

Will saved 703 kg CO2 from 20 pledges


November 2012: Alan Hayes, Movember

No doubt this month you will have seen many a man sporting a furry moustache to raise awareness for men's health. Alan Hayes was no exception; he encouraged 42 people to live a little more sustainably. Fantastic work! 

Alan saved 1,748kg COfrom 42 pledges



October 2012: Mike Barry, Henley Half Marathon

Our Doer of the Month this October is Mike Barry, who ran his first ever half marathon in only 1 hour and 32 minutes! As if that’s not impressive enough, he also smashed his target! A big thank you to Mike and all his supporters; keep up the good work! 

Mike saved 21,855kg COfrom 217 pledges


September 2012: Henry Unwin, 1 day, 2 coasts, 106 miles

September's Doer of the Month is Henry Unwin, who cycled, ran and kayaked his way accross Scotland. A serious challenge, especially if you don't know how to kayak. Well done on outrunning those haggises!

Henry saved 2,075 kg CO2 from 47 pledges



August 2012: David Insley, Coast to Coast Challenge

Our August Doer of the Month is David Insley, who completed the Coast to Coast Challenge, cycling 142 miles in two days at the beginning of September. Huge congratulations also go to his long-suffering wife Maxine, who also completed the challenge and raised sponsorship for the DoNation.

David saved 9, 679kg CO2 from 25 pledges


June 2012: Peter Burgess, Dunwich Dynamo 

Our June Doer of the Month is Peter Burgess, who completed the Dunwich Dynamo, cycling 120 miles overnight on June 30th. Last year he pledged Veg Out, and now he's raising DoAction sponsorship himself - which is what the DoNation is all about. 

Peter saved 1,175kg CO2 from 25 pledges


May 2012: Rick Webster, Manchester 10k

Our May Doer of the Month is Rick Webster, who ran the Manchester 10k on 20th May. He raised 891 kgCO2 through 28 different DoActions. Not a bad effort Sir!

Rick saved 891kg COfrom 28 pledges



April 2012: Team Environment, Four seasons challenge

Our April Doers of the Month are Team Environment Wales. Just one month into their year of challenges, they've smashed through April's Do charts, raising 50 sponsorship pledges already. A pretty neat way to celebrate their 20th birthday. They're doing a good mix of runs, cycle rides, swims, and hikes all around Wales.



March 2013: Nick Soucek, 2000 mile cycle

Our March Doer of the Month is Nick who is cycling 2000 miles across Australia from Perth to Adelaide. After receiving pledges from over 50 people he has blown his sponsorship target out of the water. You can follow Nick's progress on his blog here as he continues on this huge ride.

Nick saved 3,801kg CO2 from 71 pledges


Feburary 2012: Hannah Pavey, Brighton Half Marathon

Hannah started training only a month before the race so it was fitting that she left her sponsorship raising equally last minute - leaving herself just five days. But she nailed it: running the course in 2hrs 10mins, gliding across the finish line with grace!

Hannah saved 1,068kg CO2from 31 pledges


January 2012: Hackeny City Farm, Installing solar panels 

Our first Doer of the Month of 2012 goes to Hackney City Farm, who stormed through their target thanks to the incredible support shown by the community of farm-lovers. As a result, UK Payments has now agreed to fund some solar panels for the pig pen. Happy days. 

Hackeny City Farm saved 1,944kg COfrom 32 pledges


Christmas giftsDecember 2011: Maria Pe, Gift List

Our December Doer of the Month simply has to go to Maria Pe, who asked not for new shiny gifts this Christmas, but for DoActions instead. Happy Christmas MariaPe! 

 Maria saved 910kg COfrom 11 pledges


November 2011: Glynis Archer, Conwy Half Marathon

November's Doer of the Month was a tough call, with Glynis Archer winning the title just ahead of Sarah Buckmaster. Not only did she save an impressive amount of CO2 but she also came first in the Female 60+ category, finishing in just 1.58m - nice work!

Glynis saved 4,761kg CO2 from 20 pledges


Rachel XerriOctober 2011: Rachel Xerri, Birmingham Half Marathon

Kicking off our new Doer of the Month column is Rachel Xerri, who stormed the Birmingham Half Marathon last weekend, raising sponsorship from friends and family. Nice work!

Rachel saved 1,962kg CO2 from 24 pledges


Terms and Conditions

1.  Doers will be entered into the running for Doer of the Month in the month that they completed their challenge or event.

2. The winner is the Doer who raised the most pledges that month from the most people.  In the case of a draw, the Doer whose sponsors saved the most carbon will be the winner.

3. *A year’s supply is 24 vouchers for 500ml tubs of Ben & Jerry’s at £4.49. Vouchers are valid for 6 months.

4. By winning the prize you agree for your photo, first name and challenge details to be shared on Facebook and Twitter by the DoNation and Ben & Jerry’s

5. To be eligible to win, you must:

Be 18 years old or over.

Be an individual or team of less than 5 people

Not have created your Do Pages as part of our Do Good for Uni  and Do Good for Business programmes

Not be Employed by Ben & Jerry’s or The DoNation

Have received pledges from at least ten different people.

Must live in The UK or Northern Irleand


6. The partnership between Ben & Jerry’s and The DoNation starts from July 2013. Unfortunately, Doers who have won Doer of the month before this date are not eligible.